Columbus Signature Academy New Tech Campus is a Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Magnet Program dedicated to educational excellence. Established in 2008, this four-year high school opened with the help and support of local business partners and post secondary institutions.  Columbus Signature Academy (CSA) is the first in the nation to establish a K-12 program based on the New Technology model. CSA programs include three separate sites serving, elementary, middle, and high school  students. We  run  a  rigorous,  college  prep, collaborative,





integrated, project-based program for high school students. Our students go above and beyond normal graduation expectations, completing requirements in these additional areas:  12 units of college classes; 100 hours of community service, internship in a work environment; four years of mathematics and science. Technology standards and skill development are embedded in our curriculum.

Since every student who attends CSA applied to be here, placement of students in Columbus Signature Academy is strictly voluntary. The CSA New Tech Campus is designed to serve 100 students in each grade level. Students are encouraged to apply in the winter of their eighth grade year. If we exceed 100 applications, we implement a stratified lottery system to ensure a student population consistent with the demographics of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. Prior to the lottery, priority is given to students who successfully completed the CSA middle school program, and to siblings of current students, We attempt to ensure gender equity during the lottery process. Students accepting an invitation to attend CSA should consider the placement a four-year commitment. Transfers are disruptive to school culture and individual academic performance. Students may submit post lottery applications for openings that occur during the school year. Priority placement will be given to students in good, academic standing. Students requesting transfers to CSA: New Tech Campus must also be in good academic standing, including good attendance and discipline reports. 






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Columbus Signature Academy - New Tech Campus / T 812.376.4595 / F 812.376.4599 / 2205 25th Street / Columbus, IN 47201