Graduation Requirements

In addition to meeting the diploma requirements for the state of Indiana, CSA students are asked to complete the following graduation expectations:


Senior Project

Different from the senior internship, students will complete the following steps to complete this BCSC requirement:

  1. Proposal - paper copy and panel proposal

  2. Research Paper

  3. Physical Projects

  4. Portfolio

  5. Senior Board Presentations

  6. Celebrations

Senior Project Coordinator: Rachelle Antcliff


Phone: 812-376-4595

Senior Project 2018 Planning Booklet


Senior Internship


As our students continue on their journey to exploring career pathways best suited for their interest areas, we are excited to facilitate their learning through our internships.


Senior Internships are an expectation for graduation from CSANT, and are valued as an academic experience which allows students to see the skills needed in their career interest areas firsthand! While developing a project with their mentor, interns will have the opportunity to network with others, seek advice on professional performances within the workplace, and evaluate their work on a daily basis.


*Note: The senior internship is a separate experience from the senior project.


What is the time requirement of the Internship?

Interns are asked to be on the work site for a total of 75 hours.

Does the project designed for the internship count as the student's Senior Project?

No. The Internship project is an opportunity for students to design, implement, and present an individual product directly related to their potential career field. This project also allows students to showcase their individual skill sets as they continue on their college and career pathways. The Senior Project is a separate entity, such that students will also be supported by their facilitators and coursework for the completion of this project. (Please refer to the Senior Project section of the website for more details.)

What is the largest requirement of the internship program?

The development and implementation of the project. Each intern will design a project (alongside the CSA Internship Coordinator and the intern's mentor) related to the business they are working with, such that they can gain knowledge in this field and think critically about the work that takes place onsite. Each internship experience will conclude with anexhibition of the project/product.


Internship Coordinator: Andrew Larson


Phone: 812-376-4595


Community Service

Columbus Signature Academy New Tech students are expected  to complete 100 community service hours by the end of their senior year. They will use the same form for all of the hours, and it is their responsibility to have the supervisor at the site sign off on the hours at the time of completion.

Community Service Log

Community Service Reflection Questions


College Credits

Students are also expected to complete 12 college credit hours. Ivy Tech has teamed up with CSA New Tech to offer several dual credit courses that can be taken in order to complete this requirement. Be sure to speak with Mrs. Shaff if you have further questions.


STEM-Focused Curriculum

All students attending CSA New Tech are required to take 4 years of mathematics and science courses.


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